A modern twist on one-ring circus... overflowing with heart and soul


Circus Bella is classic circus reimagined for a modern world. Standing on the shoulders of the beloved Pickle Family Circle, we are now the Bay Area’s premiere one-ring circus, curated in the traditions of earlier eras with forward-thinking sensibilities and flair.

Like the word Bella in our name, we celebrate the beauty of the circus art form and the beauty of what humans can do together. We delight in unifying people by presenting an experience so joyous and magical that it keeps children of all ages coming back again and again.

What do we do?

With gusto and daring, humanity and heart, we connect with our audiences by way of thrilling feats, engaging camaraderie and the heartbeat of a live band! We delight in showing audiences what people can do, in ways they haven’t seen before. Audiences are bedazzled, lifted up, and join in the celebration of the heart and soul of circus: community, joy, and achieving the impossible. 

Who is Circus Bella?

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“I have spent my entire life entrenched in the San Francisco Bay Area’s vibrant arts community. My vision is to recreate and reimagine creative work that is entertaining, beautiful and relevant.” - Abigail Munn, Circus Bella Director

Circus Bella thrives under the artistic direction of modern dancer, cabaret performer, aerial artist and longtime creative force Abigail Munn, a San Francisco native. 

We have a diverse and unique company, representing talents from all corners of the world and different backgrounds, perspectives and special artistic gifts. We feature aerialists, acrobats, family foot jugglers, clowns, and more – all performed to original music written by local music legend Rob Reich and performed by a live six-piece band! 

What Do We Present?

  • “Circus in the Parks”-- A themed series of FREE summer performances in parks and open spaces in the Bay Area, open to the community, featuring an outdoor ring, our live Circus Bella All-Star Band and the Circus Bella company.

  • Big Top Show--An original 90-minute circus spectacular, featuring international circus acts, local favorites and the Circus Bella All-Star band. This is the ultimate immersive experience that pleases all of the senses--from daring acts to feats of wonder, to the engaging delight of our clowns...and we even have popcorn, too!

  • Customized Classic Circus Experiences for Private/Corporate Occasions--Give us your vision, we’ll design your circus.


Since our founding in 2008 by David Hunt and Abigail Munn, we have delighted audiences throughout the Bay Area. Since then, Circus Bella’s Circus in the Parks project has offered over 110 performances to more than 54,000 people in 19 locations.  In 2017, Circus Bella was invited to participate in the 50th anniversary of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, D.C., where it presented its production, "Bay City Rhapsody" to thousands of festival goers on the National Mall. In November 2018, Circus Bella offered its first winter showcase, Kaleidoscope, located in a big top circus tent on Treasure Island. Circus Bella currently operates as a 501c3, not-for-profit organization.

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