A Show You’ll Never Forget

“The authentic wonder and amazement my six year old daughter and I shared the day we saw Kaleidoscope started when we were still on the bridge and spied, from our car, the gorgeous spires of the circus tent. I never before thought of Treasure Island as a magical Never-Neverland -- but with circus, anything is possible, and most truly that is what the cast of Circus Bella has created, right in the middle of the Bay. Thank you Circus Bella, for your lessons in fearlessness, beauty, and generosity. We can’t wait to come back!”  - Laura Ricci

We are thrilled to announce We Will be Back iN Colorado in 2020 - Dates to Be announced SOON

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An Awe-Inspiring Atmosphere

We welcome you to take a seat in the beautiful Big Top Tent - the only one of its kind in the Bay Area.

We are excited to showcase props and set dressing from LA Circus, whose work dazzled audiences in the motion picture Water for Elephants, The Greatest Showman and more.

From the moment you arrive, let us transport you to a world of magic, delight and splendor.



Acclaimed Performers from Around the World

Some of the Bay Area’s most exciting circus talents will be joined by an international cast of superlative circus artists, with acts performed to original music written by Rob Reich and performed by a live 6-piece band! And in keeping with the renowned Pickle Family Circus tradition, no animals appear in our show.


Abigail Munn

Executive Director, Co-founder, Producer, Trapeze Artist

Abigail got her start as a performer in the Bay Area’s Pickle Family Circus when she was just 9 years old. Watch her interview to find out why she thinks the circus still holds so much magic for people of all ages.

photo gallery by Barry Schwartz


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36 feet

Height of “the Cupola,” or circus tent


Number of shows in the 2018 Circus in the Parks summer season


Sponsors and Partners

This season made possible by a generous gift from the Willow Springs Charitable Trust Foundation and the Walter and Elise Haas Fund.